Career: You can earn big money by travelling, know how you can make a career in travel tourism!


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To make a career in the field of travel and tourism, it is important for you to have certain special qualities. This industry is suitable for people who enjoy travelling and can plan enjoyable trips not only for themselves but also for others as well as budget-friendly travel plans. If you are attracted to this industry, you can establish a successful career by receiving specialized education and developing certain qualities.

Career opportunities abroad:

After getting an education in this field, you can get a job not only in your country but also in foreign countries. With the right courses, you can enter a variety of fields such as tourism departments, tour operations and airlines.

This study is important.

Candidates who have completed the 12th class from any stream can apply for the posts in this field. After class 12th, you can pursue a bachelor's degree in tourism administration (B.A. or B.B.A.). Additionally, you can also opt for a master's degree in travel and tourism, such as an M.B.A. Additionally, diploma courses in travel and tourism are available for those who do not wish to pursue a degree.

Skills Required

To excel in this field, excellent communication skills are essential. Learning multiple languages ​​can be beneficial, and having an attractive personality is important. If necessary, personality development classes can also be taken.

Where to Study

Many institutions offer courses in travel and tourism. Admissions are generally based on entrance exams, and you can choose the course based on your convenience and aptitude. Some of the notable institutes in the region include the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM) in Gwalior, IITTM in Nellore, IITTM in Bhubaneswar, Christ University in Bangalore and Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi.

Job Opportunities and Salary

After entering this field, you can find jobs as a tour manager, travel guide, travel agent, travel specialist, tourism officer and travel consultant. Companies, like Make My Trip, Kesari Tours, Thomas Cook, Expedia and Club Mahindra Holidays, provide job opportunities. As a fresher, you can earn up to five lakhs per year, which can later increase to seven to ten lakhs per year.