Can you get a cylinder from a gas agency without a gas connection? Know here


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At one time food was cooked on earthen stoves in homes. However, with time, gas stoves replaced kerosene stoves.

Nowadays, a gas stove is used in almost every house. Even in villages, gas stoves have replaced earthen stoves. People have mostly started using gas stoves.

To use a gas stove in any home, a gas cylinder is required. Gas stoves cannot be used without cylinders.

To get the cylinder, you will have to get a gas connection from the agency. In gas connection, the cylinder also comes with the stove.

Often people wonder whether they can get a cylinder from a gas agency without taking a gas connection. But this is not possible.

Without getting a gas connection, you cannot get a cylinder from the gas agency. For that, you will have to make a connection.

After taking the gas connection, you also get a connection book. Under that book, you get all your cylinders refilled from your respective agency. If you do not have a connection, you will not be able to refill your cylinder.