Calendar Direction as Per Vastu : According to Vastu Shastra, where to put New Year's calendar at home for happiness and prosperity?


Calendar Direction as Per Vastu: We all must have seen the changing of the calendar at home on the arrival of the new year in our childhood. Every year a new calendar definitely arrives at home. In Vastu Shastra, it is considered very auspicious to have a new year calendar instead of the old calendar. According to Vastu, all kinds of Vastu defects arise from the old calendar. Due to hanging old calendars at home, there are obstacles to happiness, prosperity, and progress in the house. For this reason, every year on the arrival of the new year, a new calendar must be used instead of the old calendar. There are many auspicious occasions when the new calendar is installed in the new year. Let us know what are the benefits of hanging new calendars on the walls in Vastu Shastra.


- In Vastu Shastra, the east direction is considered to be the most auspicious and best fruiting direction because deities reside in this direction. Along with this, the east direction is the direction of the sun god who is a symbol of self-respect, energy, leadership, and fame. In such a situation, it is auspicious to put calendars associated with Lord Sun on the walls of the east direction. Put a photo of the rising Sun God.


It is considered auspicious to place God's calendar on the north, west, and east walls. But keep in mind that the calendar should not contain violent animals and negative images.

In Vastu Shastra, the direction of the North is considered to be the direction of Kubera. In such a situation, apart from the pictures of Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber Dev on the walls of the north direction, it is better to put pictures related to greenery and nature.

South direction is considered as the direction of obstruction and stagnation in Vastu. In such a situation, the calendar should not be kept in this direction.

Do not hang the calendar on the front or backside of any door of the house. Doing so is not considered good for the age of the family. Apart from this, often some people put the new calendar on top of the old calendar because they get an emotional attachment to the old calendar. That's why he doesn't take it down. According to Vastu, applying old calendars communicates inauspiciousness.