Calcium: Why should there be more calcium in breakfast and dinner?


Calcium is not only important for our bones and teeth, but it also plays an important role in maintaining muscle contraction, nervous system, and heart function. 


Calcium in the body can be supplied very easily with the help of food items and supplements. But at what time should calcium be consumed? Being aware of it can increase its effects on you.  

When does the body need calcium the most?

Although our body requires calcium throughout the day, its demand increases slightly, especially at night. This happens because our bones are rebuilt at night and this process requires calcium.

Research suggests the right time to take calcium

This year B. A study published in MC Public Health found that eating calcium-rich foods at breakfast instead of other foods may reduce the risk of heart attack. Researchers found that replacing 5% of dietary calcium intake at breakfast and dinner reduced the risk of heart attack by 6%.

Relationship between calcium and cardiovascular risk?

There is an association between dietary calcium intake and cardiovascular risk. Adequate calcium intake is essential to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, as calcium plays a role in vascular function and muscle contraction.

Why should there be more calcium in breakfast and dinner?

Doctors believe that taking calcium supplements or foods with morning breakfast and evening meals is most beneficial. Actually, by doing this, calcium is absorbed better with food. 

A natural solution to overcome calcium deficiency

To overcome calcium deficiency, along with calcium tablets, calcium-rich foods should also be included in your diet. Things like milk, curd, cheese, green vegetables, fenugreek seeds, sesame, and almonds are good sources of calcium.

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