By planting these plants in the house on the new year, the whole year will be blessed


The new year 2022 has started, everyone wishes for happiness and prosperity in life in the new year, in such a way some remedies have been told in astrology, you can remove negative energy from your home, If you plant it in the house, then the grace of Mother Lakshmi will always remain in your house.

Tulsi plant has special importance in Hinduism, it is believed to be the abode of Mata Lakshmi in this plant, if there is any kind of negative energy in your house, then this plant has the power to destroy it, but keep in mind that Tulsi plant is the home of the house. Avoid planting in the south part, which may harm you instead of benefit.

Shwetark i.e. 'Crown Flower' is also considered as the plant of Ganpati, by applying it, happiness increases in prosperity in the house.

It is considered auspicious to put Krishnakanta in the house, this blue flowers come, it is believed to be the form of Lakshmi, applying it removes financial problems.