By keeping these animals and birds in the house, they will save you from every evil that happens in your life.


Astrology Vastu Shastra is often advised to keep any animal or bird in the house, it is said that creatures and birds have amazing powers to control negative energies and they have the power to neutralize the negative forces prevailing in the universe.

Keeping a dog in the house was very good, it can eliminate negative forces, in that too, the black dog proves to be most useful, it is said that if children are not being obtained, then by raising a black dog, children are obtained.

If you give bread daily to the crow, it reduces the chances of evil.

Apart from this, keeping a parrot in the house is seen in association with the planet Mercury, keeping a parrot in the house gives a bad vision of Mercury, and keeping a horse is also auspicious, not all people can keep a horse, then keeping a black horseshoe in the house can help you avoid the wrath of Saturn.