By adopting these methods of protection, it is possible to avoid the third wave of the corona to a great extent.

By adopting these methods of protection, it is possible to avoid the third wave of the corona to a great extent.

Thinking that the corona infection is ending, even a little carelessness at this time can become a big danger. An alert has been issued regarding the third wave. After the US-UK, cases of corona infection have started increasing in the southern part of India, especially in Kerala. Some experts are talking of reaching its peak from October to November, anticipating the third wave. Along with the preparations for treatment, the government is also running a vaccination campaign. But the responsibility of preventing corona infection is not only of the government and doctors, it is also ours. So what is necessary to prevent infection, know a little about it.

Keep clean

Washing hands is the first and foremost safety rule. Metro, e-rickshaw, auto, whatever you use for movement, must clean your hands after use. If you can not wash with soap, then use hand sanitizer but definitely.

Avoid lift

Do not use the lift unless necessary. Because it is almost impossible to follow the distancing in it. If you are still in use and have touched its button, sanitize your hands immediately after leaving.

Distance is good

Schools and offices have been opened after the cases have reduced, so after a long time, instead of giving hands or hugs, even after meeting colleagues and friends, continue to say hello or hi-hello from afar because the corona is a contagious disease and so on. This kind of carelessness spreads rapidly. Avoid meetings in full rooms. Avoid going to crowded places.

Mask is protection

Of course, wearing a mask causes boredom, but this is also the most important way to stay safe and keep it safe. Wear it while traveling, even in offices. Do not think that you have become immune from getting vaccinated. If you are wearing a mask while sneezing or coughing, then it is okay to wear an elbow otherwise it is necessary.

Be active

You may find this thing unnecessary, but staying fit at this time is also the most effective way to stay safe. Eat less, eat healthily, do not let obesity increase, and do exercise.