Business Idea: You can earn Rs 40 lakh in 4 years by cultivating this tree...


Nowadays doing business is not so easy. But do you have vacant land? Do you want to earn money from it? But you don't have any technical knowledge and you don't know much about farming? If these three things are true for you then bamboo crops can be the solution to your dilemma. Bamboo cultivation can be done anywhere. For this, not much fertile land is required. The government also supports you for bamboo cultivation (business idea).


Let us tell you that bamboo is a crop that is used in many ways. It is used during weddings in UP-Bihar. It is used to build houses. Nowadays, fancy and eco-friendly utensils are being made from bamboo only. Overall, the demand for bamboo remains throughout the year, hence it is a great option for earning (Top Business idea).

Why only bamboo cultivation?
By planting bamboo crops once, you can keep earning profits for many years. It takes 3-4 years for bamboo to become ready. But the good thing is that the bamboo you have cut will grow again in the same place and will earn you money after 4 years. Whereas you will not need to plant a new crop. You can do this for 40 years. That means you will make money by cutting bamboo at least 10 times. It is noteworthy that if you do this farming in a large area and in the third harvest your total earning will cross Rs 1 crore. Let us know how that will happen.


This is how you will earn money
In this, you can plant 625 bamboo plants in 1 hectare of land. If you are in Madhya Pradesh, the government there will also give you a 50 percent subsidy for planting bamboo. You will start seeing bamboo growth within 3-6 months of planting. Bamboo becomes completely ready in 3-4 years. You can earn Rs 40 lakh in 4 years from bamboo planted in 1 hectare. If instead of selling bamboo directly, you make goods from it and sell it, your profit will increase manifold.

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