BTS Squad: RM and Jin of BTS Squad defeated Corona, got freedom from Quarantine


RM and Jin, two members of the Korean pop band, BTS, have made a full recovery from Corona. South Korean music agency 'BigHit Music' today announced that RM and Jin, who were hit by the virus on December 25, are now fine. They will no longer have to follow the quarantine.


"RM and Jin had been undergoing treatment at home for the past ten days. They are now all set to resume their everyday activities," BigHit Music Agency said in a statement shared on the fan community forum Wavers.


thanks to the fans
The music agency said, "We would like to thank all the fans who showed concern for the artist's health and also prayed for them. We will always give priority to the artist's health. We will also follow all the rules of Covid-19. Will follow carefully."

Suga has also defeated Corona
Band members Suga, RM, and Jin had tested positive for COVID-19 the day before. He was released from quarantine on Monday after recovering from Covid-19.

The band had announced rest
BTS performed four consecutive in-person concerts in the month of December in Los Angeles, USA. He then announced, "We want to rest for a few days, so that the creative energy in our group can increase and we can recharge."