Bridesmaid Blouse Designs: If you want to look stylish at your best friend's wedding then try this blouse design


The season of weddings is about to begin. In such a situation, you will get a chance to attend a wedding and if it is your best friend's wedding, then it is obvious that to look good in it, you will have to try something new. If you want to look glamorous at the wedding, then you can choose a blouse design with a saree or lehenga. For this, you can try some trendy designs mentioned here, which will look quite stylish. By wearing this your look will change completely.


Square Shape Blouse Design 

All blouse designs look good. But there are some which when worn completely change our look. If you also want to try some different styles of blouse designs at your best friend's wedding, then this time try a blouse with a square neckline. These blouse designs look good on girls who have thin necks. You can wear it with both a lehenga and a saree. If you want, you can get a string attached at the back, otherwise, you can leave it simple.

Tips: You can buy this type of blouse readymade from the market.


How to Style Round Neck Full Sleeve Blouse

If your neck is thin then you can style a full-sleeved blouse with a round neckline at your friend's wedding. This type of blouse looks very good with a cotton silk saree and heavy lehenga. Their special thing is that you do not need to wear a necklace. You can also keep your look simple. Styled by Bhumi Pednekar, this outfit has been designed by Mohit Roy. In which she has styled a heavy work blouse. A lot of jewellery is worn with it. You too can look beautiful like a Bollywood actress by wearing this type of blouse.

Tips: With this type of neckline, you can create a deep design on the back.

Deep V Neckline Blouse 

You get many trendy designs in blouses which you can wear by matching your outfit. Some of these are such that you can add to your look. If you want to look stylish at your best friend's wedding, then you can try the Deep V Neckline Blouse for this. You can wear it with a saree or with a lehenga. This type of blouse design looks very stylish. With this, you can wear heavy jewellery with it. To make the look perfect, you can create a bow design at the back.

Tips: With this type of blouse, you can try both full-sleeved and cut-sleeved blouses.

Keep these fashion tips in mind

  • If the blouse has a front cut, then always keep the back closed. Only then will the blouse look good.
  • If you are styling a blouse with a deep neckline at the front, then plate the pallu with it. Then you will look good.

 Image Credit- Instagram