Breast Cancer Test: Women must get this test done after 30


Popular TV actress Hina Khan shared her Instagram post a few days ago and shared the news of suffering from stage 3 breast cancer. 36-year-old Hina (Hina Khan breast cancer) also told that she has started treatment and her condition is good. After this news of Hina (Hina Khan news), there is a great need to increase awareness about breast cancer. It is very important for women above 30 years of age to get tested regularly, so that breast cancer can be detected early and treatment can also start early.

Breast Cancer Test: Women must get this test done after 30

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the 5-year survival rate for women suffering from stage 3 breast cancer is approximately 86%. However, this figure depends only on early detection and timely treatment. The sooner breast cancer is detected, the more effective the treatment and the greater the chances of recovery.

Which tests are necessary for women after 30? (test for breast cancer)

Self -examination

of breasts: It is very important to do a self-examination of breasts once a month. If you feel any kind of lump, hardness or change in the skin, consult a doctor.

Clinical Breast Examination:

This test performed by a doctor can detect any abnormality in the breast tissue.


is an X-ray test that can help detect any abnormalities in the breast tissue. Women over the age of 40 must get a mammogram every 1-2 years. For women between the ages of 30 and 40, the doctor may recommend a mammogram based on personal history and risk factors.


This test uses sound waves to make images of the breasts. Doctors may sometimes recommend an ultrasound to clarify the results of a mammogram.

Signs of breast cancer

* If the size or shape of one of your breasts suddenly appears unequal to the other, it could be a sign of breast cancer.

* Redness in the skin of the breast, a dimple-like depression, or formation of an orange peel-like surface can also be symptoms of breast cancer.

* The nipple sinking inwards, change in its shape, or blood or any kind of fluid coming out of the nipple could be symptoms of breast cancer.

* Sometimes small lumps may be felt around the breast or on the nipple, which need attention.

* Lumps may also be felt around the breast or in the armpit, which should not be ignored.

Learning from Hina Khan's story

Hina Khan's story teaches us that breast cancer can happen to anyone. Age is no barrier. Therefore, all women above the age of 30 should get tested regularly and should not ignore any kind of symptoms. Breast cancer can be defeated with early detection and treatment.

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