Botox Treatment: Preventative Botox is the industry's beauty secret, get rid of wrinkles like this forever..


By now everyone is familiar with the concept of Botox. Bollywood stars use this cosmetic surgery to hide wrinkles, fine lines, and aging. In this, the muscles of the face are relaxed by injection. But what is preventive Botox? Nowadays people are increasingly adopting this beauty procedure. During this procedure Botox is injected before wrinkles appear, so you can beat aging longer. Dermatologists say that the best time to start this process is when fine lines start appearing on the face, especially around the eyes. These lines usually start appearing after the age of 25. Especially for those people whose faces are very expressive. Dermatologists also believe that early use of preventive Botox can prevent wrinkles from appearing.


Why are there wrinkles?
According to experts, most of the wrinkles are due to the continuous movement of the muscles. It is a nerve blocker that relaxes the muscles under the skin by reducing the movement of twitches in certain muscle groups.


How is this done?
According to experts, Botox is a fairly simple procedure, with a low chance of complications if performed by a trained and experienced doctor. Preventive Botox certainly has many benefits, but experts also say that it only prevents aging or the appearance of wrinkles. You feel relieved that the signs of aging are no longer visible. This is a good start if you don't like to see a tired face every day.
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