Bones Disease: Have your bones become weak? Women can find out immediately through this test


Bones Problem: Bones give shape to the muscles of the body. The human body is visible while moving and in a special shape. It is the gift of the bone itself. The way muscles get sick. Other organs of the body get sick. In the same way, the bones also get sick. If any part of the body becomes ill, then it is examined to confirm it. If the bones get sick like this, then they should also be examined. Let's try to know which test is necessary for women if they are bone sick.


These are the tests of bone weakness
You must have seen that he fell a little down or got hurt and the bone was broken. Doctors say that breaking bones in this way is a sign of their weakness. A bone density scan is done to see their strength. In a way, there is a low-dose X-ray. This test consists of a bone mineral density test ie BMD test, DXA and dual-energy X-ray, among others. If there is a high risk of bone disease osteoporosis, then doctors recommend getting these tests done. Women should get this test done.

Orthopedic health screening
Orthopaedic health screening is also a test related to joint pain. This test is usually done in those people who have a family history of arthritis or osteoporosis. This disease is seen as a genetic disease. In this, the bone and joints are examined. Bone densitometry, discography, skeletal scintigraphy, myelography and electromyography are some of the common orthopaedic tests.


Who is at risk
Not all women are prone to bone diseases. But in some special conditions, they start getting upset. There is a risk of this type of problem if women are underweight, over 50 years old, have one or more fractures after 50, have a genetic disease, smoking, drink more alcohol, not taking calcium and vitamin D. increases.