Bone Cancer: These symptoms appear in the body before bone cancer, know from the expert


 Bone cancer is a very dangerous disease. When cancer cells spread inside the bones, it is called bone cancer. It can happen inside any bone. It can happen to people of any age. When bone cancer develops, the body gives many signals but due to lack of information, we often ignore it. And the situation becomes serious. Let us know its symptoms from health experts. Giving information about this. Dr. Aashish Chaudhry, Managing Director, Senior Consultant & Head, Department of Orthopedics & Joint Replacement

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These symptoms appear in the body before bone cancer occurs

  • If you have severe bone pain for a long time, then you should not ignore it. Due to this, there is difficulty in bending the joint. This could be a sign of bone cancer. Many times we consider the pain as minor and take over-the-counter medicine. In such a situation you should contact a doctor.
  • Bone cancer often causes pain where the tumour is growing. Pain may occur occasionally in the beginning. This pain becomes worse when a person uses a bone, such as someone who has a tumour in the hand, in which case there is severe pain when he lifts something.
  • Your bones are becoming weak at a young age and if a minor injury causes a fracture, it should not be ignored. Actually, due to cancer, bones become weak and due to this, frequent fractures can occur. 
  • If there is a lump in the bones for a long time, do not make the mistake of considering it as normal. Lumps and numbness can be early symptoms of cancer. Tingling and numbness may be experienced as tumours grow in the bones. If there is persistent fever along with this then you need to be alert.
  • Just as fatigue and weakness persist in other cancers, similarly, excessive fatigue can occur in bone cancer also. Due to this, sometimes weight decreases rapidly.

Types of Bone Cancer 

  • Metastasis is considered a form of primary cancer. It occurs due to any other cancer like lung, prostate, or breast cancer. Bone cancer occurs in the spine, hip and wrist.
  • Multiple myeloma most often occurs after age 50. In this, bone calcium is greatly reduced.
  • Bone cyst is mostly seen in children. In this the bone becomes hollow. This causes fractures. 
  • Malignant bone cancer starts from the bone and spreads very quickly to that area and the blood vessels and muscles. Sometimes when the condition becomes serious, there is a need to remove the leg or arm. These spread to other parts of the body.