Board Results 2024: Are the teachers who check copies of board exams not teaching? Know here!


PC: Amar Ujala

These days the season of board examinations is going on. While the examinations of many boards have ended, some are still going on. The work of evaluation of copies of Bihar Board has ended, while copy checking for UP Board has started. At times like these, many people often wonder how the process works, which teachers evaluate the copies, and whether they even teach. If you also have such questions in your mind then let us know the answers.

These teachers take classes.

The teachers who evaluate the board exam copies are usually from schools and are also involved in teaching work. After the examination is over, they are entrusted with the duty of evaluating the copies, in addition to their regular school work. Usually, this evaluation work starts when there is a school holiday. Teachers selected for this work go to the centers and evaluate the copies, while others remain on leave.

Experienced teachers are selected:

Experienced and qualified teachers are selected for this work. They are required to visit the centers designated by the Board for evaluation of copies. They are paid based on the number of copies they rate. Its rules are different for every board. Earlier in UP Board, teachers with less than two years of experience were not assigned the task of evaluating copies, but this rule changed last year. The rules of every board are different in this matter, but generally experienced teachers like PGT and TGT are selected for this work.

How the process proceeds:

Apart from teachers, additional examiners and principal examiners have been appointed to monitor the examination of copies at each center. The first page of the copy, containing the name and roll number, is removed and a secret code is given. This ensures that teachers do not know whose copy they are evaluating. Typically, teachers are handed copies from other schools.

The marking scheme is decided:

In the CBSE board, first of all, a sample copy is given, which is checked by three teachers, and marks are given. Then, the Chief Examiner decides how marks should be awarded after reviewing all three copies. A general guideline is established, and copy-checking begins accordingly. In most places, light marking is encouraged.