Blue Berry Tips- Do you also think that blueberries and black berries are the same, then know the difference between them.


Jamun , a beloved Indian fruit known for its rich taste and health benefits , is the opposite of the globally popular blueberry. While both the fruits boast of different taste and characteristics , the unfamiliar appearance of blueberry can create confusion , which is often confused with blackberry, today we will know the difference between these two through this article-


In India , the blueberry is called Neel Badri , which features small ,Two main types exist ,Highbush blueberries , early ripening and winter-blooming , offer many health benefits.


Also known as Java plum, Jamun is suitable for diabetic patients. With pink and white pulp , it is a popular summer fruit found in India ,Notably , blackberries are also found in Florida.

Variation in taste:

Jamun presents a juicy and slightly tart taste , which has a mixture of sweetness with an astringent taste. It contains thin seeds which should be avoided. Blueberries, on the other hand , offer a sweet flavor with a musky flavor , sometimes leaning toward sourness depending on ripeness. Despite their small size , they offer an extremely juicy experience.

nutritional value:

Jamun emerges as a nutrition-rich fruit , containing a good amount of glucose and water. With 62 calories per 100 grams , it provides 18 mg vitamin C , 15 mg calcium and phosphorus , thiamine , riboflavin , carotene.

Blueberries, on the other hand , are a fiber-rich source of vitamin C , K , manganese and potassium. Due to their low sodium , they are a suitable choice for weight-conscious individuals , providing antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress and free radicals.