Black Hair Mask: Start applying this herbal hair mask on white hair, White Hair will be Permanent Blackish-Brown


Having white hair at a young age not only reduces your beauty but also makes you feel older (Aging Effects). Even children's hair becomes white due to a lack of nutrition or due to genetic disorders. This leads to an inferiority complex in children.


If such a problem is with you too, then do not worry. Here we will tell you about a natural hair mask made of such natural ingredients, which will turn grey hair black (Gray Hair Convert Into Black) as well as put a brake on its whitening process (Stop Whitening Process).

Many factors lead to premature greying of hair. First and foremost is an unbalanced diet. If your diet consists of fast food, white flour dishes, aerated drinks and sugar, there is no way you can have healthy skin or hair. Diet rice rich in vitamin B12, iron and omega 3 is essential. You need to include plenty of fresh salads, lean meats like fish and chicken, fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet for the sake of your skin and hair.

At the same time, leaving the consumption of alcohol, one should start taking coconut water, lemon water, buttermilk or fresh fruit juices. So keep an eye on them and take adequate vitamin supplements to stay healthy. So let's learn how to make this hair mask to give blackish-brown colour back to white hair.


Blackish-Brown Natural Hair Mask
You can easily make herbal masks at home. For this, take 1 teaspoon amla powder, 2 teaspoons black tea, 1 teaspoon strong coffee, 1/2 inch piece of catechu, 1 piece of walnut bark, 5 teaspoons indigo powder, 5 teaspoons henna, 1 teaspoon brahmi powder and 1 teaspoon triphala. And keep all of them in 2 litres of water and boil on low flame until it becomes the form of a paste. After this, apply it lukewarm on the hair and wrap it well in the hair for 30 to 55 minutes so that the white hair gets covered properly. Then wash it with plain water. You will see a magical effect on the colour of your hair.