Black Coffee: 'Black Coffee' is not as healthy as you think! Know its side effects once


Black Coffee Side Effects: Many people start their day with coffee. Some like to drink coffee with milk and some choose black coffee. When we start feeling lethargic during work, a cup of coffee helps us a lot in saving us from this problem. It not only works to keep our mood good but also drives away the sleepiness that comes during work. Most people consider black tea to be very healthy. They think that drinking it only gives benefits, not harm. Although this is not at all the case.


It is believed that black coffee is beneficial for health. But there are many disadvantages of consuming too much, of which you are probably unaware. Healthy things also remain healthy as long as they are consumed within limits. Due to the presence of caffeine, black coffee also proves harmful to the body. Let us know about the side effects of black coffee…

Side Effects of Black Coffee
1. Stress and anxiety: Drinking black coffee in limited quantities can give you many benefits. But if you consume it in excess, it can cause stress and anxiety. Drinking too much black coffee releases more stress hormones in your body, which creates anxiety and tension. The risk of feeling jittery increases when you consume too much caffeine.

2. Disturbance in sleep: Drinking too much coffee can disturb your sleep pattern. If you want to get a good sleep at night, then do not consume coffee at all a few hours before sleeping.

3. Stomach upset: Black coffee is rich in caffeine and acid. This is the reason that consuming it in excess can cause acidity problems in your stomach. You may also feel abdominal cramps, indicating an upset stomach.

4. Can't absorb nutrients: By drinking more coffee, you can't absorb minerals like iron, calcium and zinc from food, which are considered very important for the body. According to a Healthline report, healthy people should consume only 400 mg of caffeine daily, which is equivalent to about 4 cups of coffee (960 mL).