Bizarre News : A new ocean is being formed here, the earth will be divided into two parts


Constant movements are seen in the interior of the earth which decide whether there will be land on top, water, or something else.

Regarding Africa, scientists are assuming that something big is going to happen there. A study has been published in the Science Journal Geophysical Research Letters giving the theory of the division of Africa.

Several kilometers-long crack occurred near Kenya's Nairobi-Narok Highway. Earlier, in the year 2005, a long crack was also seen in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

Geologists believe that the African continent is beginning to split into two. Usually, such a change takes a long time, but it looks like the situation will change soon

This process is happening much faster, but even then it will take millions of years. According to estimates, this can happen within about 5 to 10 million years.