Bizarre news : Why the color of the sky is blue, the reason will surprise you


The sky is also called Akash, Amber, and Zero and it always looks blue, but have you ever wondered why the color of the sky is blue after all?

According to a report, the reason behind this is the sunlight, but when the sun's rays fall on the earth, it appears white. This white light is made up of seven colors of the rainbow.

The blue color of the sky appears due to the scattering of light, when the sunlight falls on the particles of dust and gas in the atmosphere, they absorb it and spread it in all directions, which is called scattering.

As soon as the sunlight enters the earth's atmosphere, it collides with the dust particles and spreads, and the scattered color is blue and violet color. The scattering of blue color is more than that of violet, due to which the color of the sky appears mostly blue.