Bihari Food: If Bihari is fond of food, then go to these places of Delhi NCR… Here you get number 1 food..


Bihari Food: Bihari food has its fun. Not only do Biharis like it, apart from this, people belonging to other cities and states also like the food of Bihar. In such a situation, if you are living in Delhi NCR and you are missing Bihari food, then we are giving you information about some such famous restaurants and dhabas, where you will be able to taste delicious dishes in Bihari style. About...


Magadh and Awadh Restaurant- If you live near Gurugram and are craving Bihari food, then you can visit Magadh and Awadh Restaurant where you can taste the best and most delicious Bihari food. Along with litti chokha, delicious food like dal pitha malpua handi mutton is available here. This is a very popular restaurant, once you taste the food here, you will feel like coming here again and again.

The Chhonk- Gurgaon has a very famous restaurant named The Chhonk for Bihari food, here you will get more than one taste of Bihari food. You will never forget the hospitality here. In terms of food quality, it is not less than any five-star hotel. Litti Chokha is very much liked here. Apart from this, many delicious dishes like Sattu Kachori, Malpua Dal Puri, and Chuda Matar are available here. This restaurant is located near Gurgaon South City One Mayom Hospital.

Bihari Zaika- There is a very popular restaurant named Bihari Zaika in Noida Sector 45. Here you will get to taste Bihari food. Although this is a street dhaba, if you eat here once, you will forget the good hotels. Here also you will get to taste Handi Mutton, Chicken Kebab, and Litti Chokha in Bihari style.

The Taste of Handi- There is another very good restaurant in Noida for Bihari food, whose name is The Taste of Handi, where you will be able to taste non-veg in Bihari style. Here you will find many non-veg dishes like handi, mutton handi, and chicken kebabs. This restaurant is located near Amarpali Princely Estate Sector 76.


Bihar Bhavan- Apart from this, you will be able to enjoy more than one Bihari cuisine in Bihar Bhavan in Delhi. If you want to eat the cheapest and best Bihari food, then close your eyes and go to Bihar Bhawan. Here you will get to taste special mustard fish, dal poori, litti chokha, roasted mutton, chicken curry in Bihari flavour and many other dishes.