Bigg Boss 15: Mayesha Iyer was changing clothes in 'Jungle', Prateek Sahajpal inadvertently did this 'dirty act'

Bigg Boss

In the house of Bigg Boss 15, where Prateek Sahajpal, Shamita Shetty, and Nishant Bhatt are living very peacefully, the contestants living in the same forest are facing many troubles. From eating at home to changing clothes, the contestants are facing many difficulties. Actually, Bigg Boss has provided limited facilities to the contestants living in the jungle where there is a small kitchen and only one bathroom where the family members have to prepare one by one. In such a situation, recently Maisha was seen changing in the dressing room.

Bigg Boss

Prateek stopped him from using Bigg Boss bathroom

Actually, to save her time and seeing the long crowd outside the bathroom of the jungle, the contestant of the jungle was seen changing in the dressing room itself, although Maisha tried to change clothes by going to the bathroom, Prateek forced her to change clothes. Bigg Boss barred her from using the bathroom of the house. Although Prateek was doing this jokingly, Mysha got very annoyed by this thing.

Prateek unintentionally committed a 'dirty act'

When Maisha was not allowed to use the Bigg Boss bathroom, she started changing clothes keeping in mind things in the dressing room itself, but at the same time she was constantly arguing with Prateek and Prateek suddenly spoke in anger- While doing came into the section where Maisha was changing. Due to which there was a big ruckus in the house.


Masha got angry at Prateek's action

Due to this act of Prateek, Marsha became very angry and she got into an argument with Prateek, although Prateek tried hard to explain himself Marsha did not listen to him and came out crying, after which Vidhi told the family members. Told the matter and many family members climbed on the symbol. Everyone asked Maisha the reason.

Prateek told Maisha to clear

Giving his clarification, Prateek said that he was only looking into her eyes while talking to Maisha and requested her to clear this matter in front of all the family members because it would be impossible for anyone to say such a thing on national television. damages the image. Maisha clarified this thing in front of everyone and clearly told the intention of the symbol.

Shamita and Afsana supported

While other members of the house were seen targeting Prateek, on the other hand, Afsana and Shamita Shetty came to the rescue of Prateek. Both of them fought for Prateek with all the family members and also clarified that Prateek went to that section talking in anger and not intentionally.