Bigg Boss 15: Jai Bhanushali gets emotional after remembering daughter Tara, breaks this house rule

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Bigg Boss 15 has started, in such a situation, the housemates are facing many ups and downs since the beginning. While some people's friendship is visible in Bigg Boss, some members have bought enmity among themselves from the very beginning. While Bigg Boss contestant Jai Bhanushali initially got a new color and had a fierce fight with Prateek Sahajpal, Jai Bhanushali was seen remembering his daughter in Bigg Bos's house.

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Jai Bhanushali had tears in her eyes

It is often seen how close Jai Bhanushali is to his daughter Tara. Just as Tara is missing her father Jai in the house, Jai Bhanushali also became very emotional and moistened her eyes while remembering her daughter Tara in the Bigg Boss house. But with this Jai Bhanushali broke a rule of the house.

Big Boss broke rules

Actually, Bigg Boss had ordered to keep the belongings of all the contestants living in the forest in the cave. The order of Bigg Boss was that except for the essential items, the forest dwellers have to bring all their belongings to the cave. Where everyone and Jai kept all their belongings in the cave of the forest, but Jai kept a frock of daughter Tara from it.

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Will Bigg Boss punishes

Bigg Boss is very strict about its rules. In such a situation, Jai Bhanushali gave all his belongings to Bigg Boss but he kept his daughter's frock with him. However, Jai later kept that frock in the storeroom so that no family member gets punished because of them. While talking to the camera of Bigg Boss, Jai also accepted his mistake.

Jai's eyes moistened

Jai Bhanushali, holding his daughter's frock in hand, not only spoke to the Bigg Boss camera but he was also seen requesting Bigg Boss to send the frock back to him. He told Bigg Boss that he does not want everyone to be punished because of him, so he is returning the frock. Jai got very emotional while talking to the Bigg Boss camera.

Tara was seen looking for Jai Bhanushali

While Jai's fans are happy to see him in the Bigg Boss house, on one hand, he is the only one who has become utterly sad without Jai Bhanushali. She is his dear daughter Tara. Jai Bhanushali is very close to his daughter Tara. Tara Jai, who was around her father all the time, got very upset not seeing Bhanushali in front of her eyes and started searching for her father all over the house.