Best trekking places in Karnataka: - Explore these places for trekking in Karnataka


Karnataka is a place where there is a lot for everyone to visit and see. Even if you are adventurous, Karnataka will not disappoint you at all. Generally, during the cold season, we all think about where to go outside the house. If you are also thinking something similar then you should plan to visit Karnataka. Trekking in Karnataka during winter is a good idea.

You will be able to explore a lot while trekking, from dense forests to high peaks. Even if you do not want to undertake a challenging trek, but still want to have a good time trekking, you can still consider visiting Karnataka. So, today in this article we are telling you about some such places in Karnataka, where you can enjoy trekking-


If you want the thrill of climbing the highest peak of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri is the perfect place for you. It is at a distance of about 20 km in Chikmagalur. With an altitude of 1950 metres, it

It is the highest peak in Karnataka. It is considered to be a great place for trekking in Karnataka. Apart from trekking, here you can also be a part of activities like mountain biking and road biking. The trek route to the summit starts from Sarpadari. It is a 3 km long moderate trek which is quite difficult and takes around 1.5 hours to reach the summit.


If you are in Kudremukh, you cannot miss Kudremukh National Park. This is one of the best treks in India. When you go trekking, the misty hills and rolling grasslands give you a different experience. The Kudremukh trek is considered to be one of the most photogenic treks in India.


This is one of the best places to visit near Hubli in Karnataka. Dandeli is very famous for its wildlife and adventure activities. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the second-largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. When you are in Dandeli you can enjoy trekking. Apart from this, one can also enjoy other adventure activities like kayaking, canyoning, water rafting, or canoeing trips on the Kali River as well as cycling and mountain biking.

Kumara Parvatha

Situated in Coorg, Kumara Parvat is one of the highest peaks of Karnataka. Kumar Parvat is also known as Pushpagiri. If you are fond of trekking and want to be a part of an adventurous activity then you should come here. This route takes you through dense forests, lush green meadows and rocky areas. In this way, while trekking, you will be able to see and experience the beauty of nature with your own eyes.

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