Benefits of having bone broth in winter: - You can get these tremendous benefits by drinking bone broth in winter


When the cold season comes, we feel like drinking something hot again and again. Often in this season, we all consume tea or coffee, but consuming it in excess is considered harmful to health. If you are a non-vegetarian then you should make bone broth a part of your winter diet. This is a drink which works like magic in winter. 

It is a protein-rich drink, which is prepared by boiling meat and bones in water. Because it is cooked for a longer time, it is different from stock. You can consume bone broth during cold days to keep yourself warm not only from the outside but also from the inside. So, today in this article, RituPuri, Dietitian of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, is telling you about some of the amazing benefits of consuming bone broth in winter-

Packed with nutrients

By consuming bone broth during cold days, you get many types of nutrients. It not only makes you feel warm in winter but also takes care of your health. By consuming bone broth, you get minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Not only this, it also contains collagen, gelatin and amino acids, which take care of your joint health as well as your skin.

Beneficial for joint health

During cold days, people often start complaining of pain and stiffness in joints. Especially for those who have weak bones, this season is very troublesome. Consuming bone broth can be beneficial for such people. The compounds found in bone broth support joint health. You must consume bone broth in this season.

Immunity becomes stronger

During cold days, people often remain troubled due to seasonal diseases. This happens because their immune system becomes weak in this season. In such a situation, you should consume bone broth. The amino acids found in it, such as arginine, glutamine and cysteine, support your immune system. Due to this, you can easily protect yourself from seasonal diseases.

Get good sleep

To stay healthy, it is equally important to take care of your sleep. When you consume bone broth, your sleep also improves. The amino acid glycine present in bone broth improves your sleep quality. Therefore, if possible, have a cup of warm bone broth before sleeping at night. This will reduce the cold and you will feel relaxed. Due to this, you will get good sleep.

Take care of gut health

Bone broth is also considered very good for gut health. When you consume it, it can help support the lining of the digestive tract. In such a situation, you get help in digestion and nutrient absorption. When your gut is healthy, it has a positive impact on your overall health.

Image Credit- freepik