Belly Fat: Stubborn belly fat will reduce, just do these 2 exercises every day before sleeping!



Everyone's life is changing rapidly. Most people have to sit at a desk all day due to their jobs. It reduces the speed of the body. Therefore body fat is increasing rapidly. To reduce this fat, some go to the gym and some go for running in the morning or evening. You should exercise regularly to keep your body active and in shape. Everyone is very busy throughout the day. Therefore there is hardly any time for exercise. In such a situation, you can do these two exercises before sleeping at night.


Reverse Plank with Leg Fit

Doing this exercise a few times every day will make a difference. To do this, sit in an upright position on your butt, keeping your legs straight. Then take your hands back a few inches. Meanwhile, remember that your fingers should be in front of your toes. Then press the foot and rotate the butt above the ground. Try to keep your body in an oblique position. If you have problems with your wrists, do exercises on your elbows. Now lift the right leg up and then the left leg. Don't rush while exercising. Do all activities carefully and slowly.



Glute Bridge:

You can also do this exercise while lying on the bed. For this, lie down on your back and place your hands on the bed or mat. Your legs should be half bent and heels should be raised above the ground. In this position, raise your hips as well as the upper part of your body. Keep the shoulders, hands, and head on the ground, and then lift the right leg up. Then lift your left leg up. Do this with both legs. Repeat this again after some time.