Before consuming Neem, know its shocking side effects


Nowadays every person likes to plant a neem tree in his house because it has many benefits. Tell that, it benefits from face to hair and also every part of the body. People use neem to get benefits for wounds and skin diseases, but today we are going to tell you the disadvantages of neem you must know. It's very rare, but you still need to know them.

Disadvantages of Neem-

* Neem reduces the workforce. Because of this people who have such problems should not use neem.

* If there is any problem with eating neem, then rock salt, ghee, and cow's milk remove its side effects.

* Consumption of neem is very beneficial for the skin. Neem leaves have antiseptic properties and can relieve you from all kinds of skin allergies. However, some health experts believe that neem can cause allergic reactions in some cases.

To stay alive it is necessary to maintain the blood sugar level. Consuming neem in excess can worsen your blood pressure level.


* Excessive consumption of neem can also cause a burning sensation in the stomach. For this reason, take special care of its quantity before consuming it.