Before boarding the train, you should also download this app, it will be useful for everything!


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Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world, carrying approximately 2.5 billion people every day. This number is almost equal to the population of countries like Australia.

When people need to plan long-distance travel, trains are often their preferred mode of transportation because of their comfort and convenience.

However, at times passengers may face challenges during their railway journey, and if timely assistance is not available, it may cause a lot of inconveniences.


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To ensure convenience and quick assistance to passengers in such situations, Indian Railways has developed a mobile application called "Rail Madad". This app can be downloaded on smartphones and after installation, users have to register.

Once registered, users can lodge their complaints instantly through the app. They have to select the type of complaint and if applicable, provide a photo related to the problem, such as a problem in a railway compartment or any other relevant matter.

After registering a complaint, users receive instant information about the status of their complaint on their registered mobile number. Railway officials usually take immediate action and the reported issue is resolved within a few hours.

The Rail Madad app aims to enhance the passenger experience by streamlining the complaint registration and resolution process, ensuring that passengers get timely assistance for their concerns or complaints during their railway journey.