Beetroot Raita: Except cucumber and boondi raita, this time make beetroot raita for lunch, learn here how to make


Beetroot Raita Benefits: If you are bored of the same old raita and plain yoghurt, then add some delicious twist to your classic yoghurt. Try this recipe of Beetroot Raita. You can also try this delicious dish because the beautiful pink colour of beetroot compels everyone to taste it at once. It is very healthy with cooked beetroot and curd. Being rich in almost all essential nutrients like fibre, folate, manganese, iron and vitamin C, beetroot is known to lower blood pressure levels as well as improve blood flow and boost immunity.


Leaving cucumber and boondi raita, this time make beetroot raita for lunch
This raita becomes even more healthy and tasty when beetroot is mixed with delicious curd. Yoghurt is one such superfood that helps ease the digestive system, promotes a healthy weight, is rich in protein, and benefits heart health. The soft and smooth texture of Beetroot Raita is surely going to capture the hearts of your dear ones and leave them mesmerized to such an extent that they cannot stop praising you. Following a few easy steps using some of the most common ingredients will work like a charm. What are you waiting for, try this recipe now.

Ingredients of Beetroot Raita
2 sliced beetroot
3/4 tsp masala chilli powder
salt as needed
3/4 tsp roasted cumin powder
3 cups curd
for garnishing
2 sprigs of mint leaves

How to make beetroot raita
Step 1- Cook the beetroot till it becomes soft
To make this delicious beetroot raita, steam or boil the beetroot until it becomes very soft. To check whether the beetroot is cooked or not, strike it with the tip of a knife. If the knife goes inside easily, then the vegetable is cooked and ready to be used in Raita. Peel and chop the beetroot and keep it aside.


Step 2- Mix spices in curd and mix in cooked beetroot
After this take curd in a mixing bowl. Add roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder and salt to it. Whisk the ingredients well until the curd is smooth and the spices are incorporated. Now put chopped beetroot in curd and keep stirring. You will see pink-colored curd being formed. Keep the bowl in the fridge to cool down. Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy this super delicious Beetroot Raita.