Beauty: Why do pits form on the face after acne, is there any treatment for them? Know here!


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The problem of pimples, acne, and scars on the face is quite common. Especially, teenagers and youngsters are most affected by this, although this problem gets cured after some time with treatment or home remedies. But afterwards, many people are left with scars or depressions on the face, called "boxcar scars," and this can weaken the skin's texture.

Boxcar scars often occur after chicken pox, but some people also suffer from them due to acne. Even though these marks (pits in the skin) are not dangerous, they look very bad. But the question arises whether they can be got rid of.

Why are these potholes there?

When these pimples heal, the skin in that area becomes damaged, which leads to a lack of collagen regeneration and the formation of a depression.


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Are there any products to heal boxcar scars?

Boxcar scars caused by pimples can be very challenging to heal. This is because there is a depression on the skin of the pigmented area. These marks are not likely to be removed through any beauty products or grandmother's remedies, but for proper treatment, doctor's advice should be taken.

What are the treatment options for boxcar scars?

To treat boxcar scars on the face, you can get a microdermabrasion facial done on the advice of an expert. This technique is done with some machines, which promote the generation of collagen in the skin. This facial can help get rid of boxcar scars, but it only works on pits that are not too deep. Apart from this, there may be some other measures for which expert advice should be taken.