Beauty Tips: Why moisturizer is important in summer, click to know


With the changing season, many changes are also seen in the skin. We choose cosmetics only after seeing the changes in the skin. For example, a lot of moisturizers is used in winter, but as soon as summer comes, the use of moisturizer decreases. Actually, due to the fear of sticky skin in summer, most women stop using moisturizers. But should moisturizer not be used in summer? No, whether it is summer or winter, the use of moisturizer is very important for your skin.

Come, let us know why it is necessary to use moisturizer in summer:

Experts say, “Most women feel that the use of moisturizer makes the skin oily and sticky. That's why moisturizers should not be used in summer. When the temperature is high then moisturizer becomes equally important for your skin. And this is especially necessary for those who spend more time in AC.

When hard skin

As soon as the summer starts, its effect starts appearing on the skin. The summer season brings with it activities like swimming and water sports, due to which our skin starts getting damaged due to exposure to things like the scorching sun, chlorine present in swimming pool water, and saltwater of the sea. Especially when they are not being taken care of properly. But if taken care of properly, you can protect your skin from harmful elements.

When there is havoc in the hot sun

It is reasonable to have sunshine in the summer season. The hot summer sun burns the skin, due to which skin problems like sunburn and tanning start. In such a situation, the use of sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. But only sunscreen is not enough for skin care, proper moisturization of the skin after sunscreen keeps it soft and avoids any kind of skin-related problems. You can also use moisturizer-based sunscreen in summer.

 To avoid chemical

As soon as the summer comes, we start making many plans like visiting the water park, having a pool party, or joining swimming classes with the kids. But we forget that a chemical named chlorine is mixed in the water pool which is harmful to the skin. If you spend more time in the pool then definitely clean your body properly. It is necessary to use moisturizer after cleaning the skin. Moisturizer provides nourishment to the skin by going deep into your skin. The skin needs to get the right amount of nutrition. It prevents damage to the skin.

Dry skin in summer

In summer, most women feel that the skin does not become dry in summer. But this is their misunderstanding. In fact, in summer most of our time is spent in the sun, swimming pool, and in air conditioning. Even we use some such beauty products, which contain more chlorine. Because of these, our skin starts to look dry and lifeless. To deal with these, emollients, that is, products that make the skin soft and supple should be used, such as moisturizer, daily use of moisturizer is beneficial for your skin. Emollient properties are found in it, which protects the skin from dryness and also improves the skin.

Dermatologists also recommend using a moisturizer as it creates a protective layer on the skin to protect it from germs and other harmful substances.

Skin care is necessary with the changing season

The skin has no idea about the weather outside, that's why special care of the skin is necessary for every season. If seen, many of us struggle with skin-related problems throughout the year. That is, if your skin remains dry in winter, then you should use such a moisturizer in summer as well, whose thickness nourishes your skin well. While applying moisturizer, it is important to note one thing the moisturizer should not be alcohol-based. Alcohol-based moisturizers can harm your skin even more by removing the good and essential oils from it.

When there is the problem of open pores

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are very important for good healthy skin. Although people feel that their skin will not become dry due to sweating in summer, due to sweating, the pores of the skin open. You will need to use toner to close them back, and using a moisturizer after toner will make your skin glow.

Excessive sweating of the skin

The skin may become oily in the summer season, but it does not mean that your skin does not need a moisturizer. Actually, due to excessive sweating in the summer season, the moisture of the skin is lost. Due to increasing heat and sunlight, water gets released from your skin. In such a situation, you should not depend only on drinking more water and eating food with more water content to keep your skin hydrated. Rather, you should also use the right moisturizer, which maintains the amount of moisture in your skin.

How to use moisturizer in summer

We all know how important moisturizer is for our skin. But with this, it is also important to know when to use moisturizer in summer.

  • It is necessary to use moisturizer after bathing. It hydrates your body and maintains moisture in the skin.
  • If you sweat a lot, then you can also use a moisturizer mask and toner.
  • Use moisturizer along with sunscreen before going out in the sun.
  • Do not moisturize only the face.