Beauty Tips: Use fennel in this way, the beauty of your face will increase.


A large number of people in the country consume fennel as a mouth freshener. Fennel is beneficial for our health in many ways. It contains nutrients like copper, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium which help remove many problems in our body.

Consuming it keeps the digestive system of the body healthy. Through this, you can also enhance the beauty of your face. This helps remove our skin-related problems. You can enhance the beauty of your face by making its face mask.

To make this, you have to add one spoonful of fennel in two spoons of oatmeal powder and grind it well.


Put the fennel mixture in a vessel and prepare a paste by adding a little milk and half a spoon of honey to it. Now apply it on your face for an hour. After this wash the face with lukewarm water. By doing this your face will get an amazing glow.

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