Beauty tips: To enhance the beauty of feet, you should adopt these home remedies!


People pay attention to the beauty of the face but ignore the feet, but it is also very important to take care of the feet. With the changing seasons, the skin appears dry and lifeless due to not taking care of the feet.


Today we are going to give you some home tips to make your feet soft and beautiful. The scrub should also be done on the feet in the winter season. It helps in removing dead skin. On the other hand, foot cream should be used to moisturize the feet. Its use makes the feet soft.


To enhance the beauty of the feet, prepare a mixture by mixing turmeric and gram flour in curd and rubbing it on the feet. Due to this, the stains of the feet gradually become lighter and then disappear.

Massaging raw milk on hands and feet is also helpful in making them shiny.

For the beauty of the feet, it is also necessary to cut the nails regularly. This gives a neat look to the feet. Use nail paint after cutting nails with a nail cutter.