Beauty Tips: This tomato face pack is best to remove pigmentation and spots, prepare it like this!


Keeping the face clean and shiny is usually a difficult task. Despite taking special care of the skin, some people face the problem of pigmentation. Especially with increasing age, the problem of pigmentation is also common. It is not easy to remove this pigmentation. But if you want, you can avoid the problem of pigmentation by taking special care of some things.

Due to oily skin, many people get acne and pimples on their faces. This causes spots on the face. Some people face pigmentation due to the effects of aging. In such a situation, many expensive treatments become ineffective to get rid of pigmentation. Here are some effective remedies to get relief from pigmentation.


Ways to get rid of pigmentation

You can use tomato and sugar to reduce the complexion of the face. Tomato deeply cleanses the skin and works to keep the skin free of bacteria, while sugar helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin. So you can remove pigmentation from the root by using a tomato and sugar face pack.

How to use a tomato face pack?

All you need is tomatoes and sugar to make a tomato face pack.

To make this face pack, grind tomatoes and sugar and mix them.

Now apply this paste on the face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

Then wash your face with clean water.


Benefits of applying tomato face pack

To get relief from pigmentation, using a tomato face pack can be very effective. A substance called lycopene in tomatoes works to repair damaged skin cells. It makes your skin glow. Along with this, vitamin C is also found in tomatoes. Due to this, applying tomato juice also improves skin tone. Also, the use of sugar helps in exfoliating the skin while maintaining the pH level of the skin.