Beauty Tips: This face pack made of curd brings glow on the face, use it in this way


Many types of nutrients are found in curd. For this reason, it is very beneficial for our health. Very few people would know that curd is also useful in enhancing the beauty of the skin. Vitamin-C present in curd gives you many benefits related to the skin.

Curd contains many nutrients like protein and calcium, which are very beneficial for the skin. You can use it by making a face pack at home. By applying it on the face, you can get rid of many problems related to the skin.

To bring amazing glow on the skin, make a face pack of curd and honey. For this, put 2 tablespoons of curd in a bowl and mix one tablespoon of honey in it. Now apply it on the face for about 15-20 minutes. Now wash your face with cold water. This will enhance the glow of your face.

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