Beauty tips: Skin problem will be removed by using coffee butter


If you are fond of drinking coffee, then you can benefit the skin in many ways with the help of coffee. If you use coffee to enhance beauty, it is very beneficial for you. If you use fatty butter, you will get many benefits. You get benefits.

What is coffee butter?

If we talk about coffee butter, then it is a healer for the skin and it is natural, it is made by mixing butter and coffee beans and you can do skin care using it.


How to make coffee butter at home

  • First, you put coffee beans in coconut oil for half an hour to make coffee butter.
  • After this, heat the coffee beans with coconut oil on low flame and filter it.
  • Then you put cocoa butter in a saucepan and mix it with coffee coconut.
  • Then mix the coffee butter well and let it cool in the fridge.
  • After this your coffee butter is ready

Reduce facial puffiness

You can reduce the swelling of the face by using coffee butter, it has many properties which reduce the swelling of your face.

Anti bacterial properties


It has many such properties which remove the infection of your skin and also remove the problem of the wound on the face.

Dark circles

If you have dark circles on your face then you can remove it helps to remove dark circles under the eyes