BEAUTY TIPS: Shea butter is not very effective, use it like this


The use of shea butter for the face is very beneficial and you can use shea butter superfood on the face, it has many properties that enhance your face and you can use shea butter on the face, it will glow on your face. brings

Relief from Khulji

If you have an itching problem then you can use shea butter. Shea butter contains moisturizing fatty acid which is beneficial for the skin.

Stretch marks

If you want to remove stretch marks, then shea butter can help you, it can remove stretch marks on the stomach of women.

Reduce skin inflammation

If you have swelling on your face or under the eyes, then you can reduce the swelling by using shea butter, as well as you can remove the problem of sunburn and rashes.


Lip balm

You can also use shea butter as a lip balm, it gives moisture and nutrients to your lips.



If you have acne or spots on your face, then you can remove it, you can do it to get a glow on your face and there are many benefits on your skin.