Beauty Tips: If you want to get rid of the open pores of the nose, then follow these easy tips


How To Get Rid Of Open Pores On Nose: If small pores present on the nose have started appearing, then some tips can be taken to get rid of them.

How To Get Rid Of Open Pores On Nose: Open Pores is one of the biggest problems of skin aging. Sometimes it becomes visible due to lack of hygiene and sometimes due to lack of skincare. The biggest problem comes when they start appearing on the nose and do not go away even after makeup. In such a situation, not only do they spoil your makeup, everyone's eyes start going on your nose. In such a situation, women take various measures, but these measures sometimes damage the skin. So here we tell you what you can do at home to get rid of them.

Keep these things in mind

1. Don't Forget To Remove Makeup 

If you do not remove the makeup properly before sleeping at night, then due to this the skin is damaged, the elasticity of the skin pores goes away and the pores do not get smaller. In such a situation, it is important that whenever you do make-up, remember them before sleeping at night and remove them completely.

2. Hygiene Required

Along with following the morning and night care routine, keep cleaning them during the day as well. Especially if you do gym, workout or walk, etc., then definitely clean the face.

3. Protect from Dryness

If your skin remains dry, then the pores of the nose will remain tight and look open. In such a situation it is important that you use a better moisturizer. Always use moisturizer according to the skin.

 4. Be sure to exfoliate

It is very important to exfoliate the skin two to three times a week. This will remove the blockage of your pores and the skin will be able to produce sebum in a better way.

5. Use Potatoes Like This  

If the open pores are still not going on the nose, then you use potato. Extract the juice of the potato and filter it. Now put it in a bowl and apply it on the nose with cotton. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes. After that wash the face with cold water. There will be a magical effect on your skin. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general information. Newscrab does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)