Beauty tips: If you are going to become a bride soon then start applying this paste!


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Wedding day is a special occasion for every bride and every girl wants to look very beautiful on this day. From selecting the outfit to makeup and beauty treatments, girls start preparing for their big day well in advance. Many girls opt for cosmetic treatments in parlors to get glowing and flawless skin, which can be quite expensive. However, starting skin care preparation a few days before the wedding can help you have naturally glowing skin on the wedding day.

For naturally glowing skin on your wedding day, you can make and apply a homemade scrub using easily available ingredients. This paste not only removes skin-related problems but also improves your complexion. The advantage of using homemade ubtan is that it is made from natural ingredients, which reduces the risk of side effects. Here's how you can prepare this ubtan:


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Ingredients for Ubtan:

Gram flour

Beetroot powder

Ground red lentils

Sandalwood powder


A small amount of wheat flour

Rose water

Raw milk (raw milk)


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Instructions to make Ubtan:

Take ground red masoor dal and mix it in a bowl with rose water and raw milk along with the other ingredients mentioned above.

Mix the mixture well to create a smooth texture that can be applied evenly on the skin. Adjust the consistency by adding more rose water or milk if necessary.

Ubuntu is now ready to use. Its texture should be creamy, making it easy to apply as a mask.

How to apply Ubtan:

You can apply this Ubtan before sleeping at night or before taking a bath in the morning. Apply it gently on your face, neck, and other parts of the body as desired. Leave the boil for a while to let the ingredients work their magic. After it dries, lightly massage your skin while removing it. With regular use for a few days before the wedding, you can get positive results and naturally glowing skin.