Beauty Tips: If the body's glow is decreasing due to heat, then use water in this way...


Skin Care Tips: As soon as the summer comes, various problems related to the skin start appearing, to avoid which dermatologists advise people to drink more and more water. It is believed that water keeps the body hydrated. Because of this, the glow in the body remains intact. If there is a lack of water in your body, then it will directly affect your skin. Lack of water brings flexibility to the body. Along with this, the brightness of the face starts decreasing.


To eliminate these problems, people go to the parlor and spend thousands of rupees. But, sometimes even these treatments are not very effective. Due to this, in today's news, we are telling you some such ways to use water at home, with the help of which you can make your skin shiny.

Use water in these ways
-If your eyes are feeling puffy, then soak cotton in ice water and keep it on your eyes. This will give coolness to your eyes.

-If dirt is accumulating on your face and it is losing its shine, then splash cold water on your face every morning and evening. This will increase blood circulation on your face.

-If you take bath with cold water every day, then your body will remain disease free.


-If you have dark spots under your eyes, drink cold water mixed with lemon juice and salt twice a day.

-If fatigue is visible on the face, add lukewarm water and add the juice of two lemons to it and relax for some time by putting both feet in the water and adding a little salt.

-To increase the glow of the face, you should consume lemon honey and water on empty stomach water in the morning.