Beauty Tips: Do these home remedies to enhance facial beauty on Diwali

​​The festival of Diwali will be celebrated across the country on Sunday. On this festival everyone wants to look more beautiful than others. Today we are going to tell you some home remedies, by which you can enhance the beauty of your face.

To get glowing skin on Diwali, you should get enough sleep. For this, sleep early on one night of Diwali and wake up early in the morning. By doing this you will feel freshness on your face throughout the day. At the same time, you should drink sufficient amount of water. Due to lack of water the skin becomes dry and lifeless.


Drinking lemon water increases the glow of the face. You should not consume junk foods till Diwali. Consuming these also reduces the glow of the face. Consuming processed food harms the good bacteria. Due to this, health also deteriorates. 

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