Beauty Tips: Do not make these mistakes after applying henna, the color will fade


If there is a big festival in the house or there is a marriage party, then mehndi is applied according to tradition. Along with this, mehndi drawn in hands also enhances your beauty. In such a situation, mehndi does not deepen in the hands or feet of many women, while they try a lot. In such a situation, we are telling you what is the reason for this.

Washing with soap

is like applying henna and when it starts drying, you are quick to remove it many times. Or after it dries, you remove it but wash your hands with soap or soapy water. You do not have to do this. By doing this, the color of your mehndi may fade.


Waxing or shaving

Apart from this, after applying henna, do not shave your hands or get them waxed. You have to do all these things before applying henna. Only after that the hands and feet have to be put on expensive. By doing this the color of your henna fades.