Beauty: Immersing your face in ice water regularly can cause damage to the skin, know!


Different types of facials, face masks, and beauty products are used to make the skin better and more beautiful. In the summer season, people use ice water or ice to improve the skin and protect it from problems. The use of ice on the face is called an ice water facial. Ice water facials are considered very beneficial for the face. Its use gives coolness to your skin and a glow on the face too.


Disadvantages of the immersing face in ice water

By doing ice water facials, the toxins present in your skin are removed and there is also a benefit in stress. But sometimes doing ice water facials in the wrong way can cause serious damage to your skin. Be sure to keep these things in mind while doing ice water facials, otherwise, your skin may be seriously damaged.

1. Irritation problem

While doing ice water facials, if you apply ice cubes directly on the face or skin, then it may cause irritation to you. Apart from this, applying ice directly on the skin can cause skin irritation. Therefore, to avoid these problems, massage a piece of ice by tying it in cotton or a handkerchief. Apart from this, after applying ice to the face, it should be washed by immersing it in clean water.

2. Risk of bacterial infection

If you do ice water facials directly without washing your face, then there is a risk of bacterial infection on your face. Rubbing ice on a dirty face can trap the dirt and bacteria in your skin pores. Because of this, you remain at risk of skin infection.


3. Harmful to sensitive skin

Ice water facials are very harmful to people whose skin is very sensitive. The skin of people with sensitive skin can cause many skin problems with ice cubes. There may also be a problem of pain in the skin of such people. On the other hand, if people with dry skin do ice water facials daily, then they may have to face the problem of irritation.

4. Can Affect Blood Flow to the Skin

Ice water facials can affect the blood flow to your skin. That's why these things should always be kept in mind while doing ice-water facials. If you already have any skin-related disease or problem then an ice water facial should not be done without a doctor's advice.

5. Fear of peeling skin

You should follow the precautions while doing an ice water facial. If you do an ice water facial too harshly, it can cause cuts or scratches on your skin. Because of this, you have to face many problems.