Beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh: If you haven't visited this village of Himachal Pradesh in summer, then you haven't seen anything yet


It is said that if you want to see the beauty of a state, then first of all you should reach some villages of that state. If the beauty of the village is amazing, then the city and the state are discussed everywhere.

From East India to West India and from South India to North India, there are thousands of such villages whose beauty is famous all over India. Like- Molinong village of Meghalaya, Takdah village of West Bengal and Lachung of Sikkim are famous all over India for their beauty.

Langja village present in the beautiful valleys of Himachal is such a village, after visiting you will forget the beauty of Molinong village, Takdah village and Lachung. In this article, we are going to tell you about the speciality of Langja village and some of the best places present here.

Where is Langja village? 


Before knowing the speciality of Langza village, let us tell you that many people also know it by the name of Langza village. Let us tell you that this beautiful village is a small but charming village located in Spiti tehsil of Spiti district.

It is said that the village Chau Chau Kang is located near Nilda Mountain, which many people also know as Princess Mountain. Many people know this village as the Fossil Village of Spiti Valley.

The speciality of Langza village


After knowing the speciality of Langja village, almost everyone will be forced to visit here. Yes, the enchanting snow-covered mountains, blue unevenness, blue waters of lakes and waterfalls and enchanting views add to the beauty of this village.

The village, situated at an altitude of more than 14 thousand feet above sea level, is also known for its celestial views. At night, when the stars twinkle in the sky, looking at the stars makes one jump with joy. From here the beautiful beauty of the Himalayan Mountains can be seen closely.

Why langza village is special for tourists 


Langja village is very special for tourists. For tourists who love nature, this village is no less than a beautiful paradise. It is also called the village with the most peaceful and pure environment of Himachal.

Just as Langja village is famous for its beauty, it is also famous for adventure lovers. Many people reach here from Kaza and Lahaul while doing mountain biking. This village is also very popular for trekking. Snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, and Himalayan griffon can also be seen here.

Best places to visit in Langza village


There are no places to visit in Langja village, but tourists from every corner of India come to see the statue of Lord Buddha located here. The ancient monasteries and mud houses located here attract a lot of tourists.

It is said about this village that many scientists keep coming here for fossil research, hence many people also know this village by the name of Fossil Village.

The best time to visit Langza village

It is quite difficult to visit Langja village in winter, hence very few tourists reach here in the winter season. In winter the temperature here goes down by about 10-15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the best time to visit here is considered to be from April to June.