Battery Saving Tips: Just one click and the battery of Smartphone will last for hours, you also use this magical setting..


Smartphones are used for almost most of the day. Not only this, but some users need this device even at night.


In such a situation, it is difficult for every other smartphone user to find time to charge the phone. This is the reason why every user wants the phone can be charged in a minimum of minutes.

Nowadays almost every other phone comes with fast charging speed. The phone can be charged quickly but another problem is to make the phone's battery last longer.

Increase phone battery like this
Do you know that smartphone users get a special setting on the phone? This setting is for the phone's battery.

The phone's battery can last up to 60 hours with this setting. Whereas usually, the battery of the phone lasts only for 24 hours with normal use.
This special setting is available on the phone

Actually, here we are talking about Ultra Battery Saving Mode. It is advisable to turn on this mode when the phone has a low battery.

What is Ultra Battery Saving Mode
This battery setting works in a special way in the phone. When Ultra Battery Saving Mode is turned on, some settings are enabled to save battery-

     By switching on battery saving mode, power-consuming activities in the phone stop.
     Background activity also turns off with the battery setting.
     With this mode, the phone turns on a dark theme instead of a day.
     The brightness of the phone reduces when Ultra Battery Saving Mode is on.

With these four activities, the device works to make the phone's battery last longer.


When to use Ultra Battery Saving Mode
The Ultra Battery Saving Mode setting can be used when stuck somewhere outside the house. Many times the facility to charge the smartphone is not available, in such a situation this setting can prove to be useful.

Let us tell you, the phone is not used normally with Ultra Battery Saving Mode. You can use only a few apps on the phone.

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