Bathing Tips: Many people make this mistake while bathing, learn the right way of bathing from experts!



Daily bathing is important for physical and mental health. Taking a bath every morning makes one feel fresh. Also, from a hygiene point of view, it is very important to take a bath daily. Everyone bathes differently. Many times we unknowingly resort to the wrong methods, which can harm our skin. Do you know that there is a way to take a bath? Let us learn the correct way of bathing from the experts.

What is the correct way to take a bath?

Do not take a bath for too long.

Bathing in water for too long makes the skin and hair dry. According to experts, people with dry skin should only take a bath for five minutes or less. Also, remember not to stand in the water for long periods of time or for several minutes at a time.


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Use hot water.

Bathing with hot water removes natural oils. Besides, it also harms the skin. Therefore, it is better to take a bath with lukewarm or cold water.

Don't wash your hair too much.

Hair is made up of dead skin cells. In such a situation, there is no need to wash it repeatedly like other parts of the body. Washing your hair too often can make your hair dry.


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Be careful while drying the skin.

After bathing, instead of rubbing the skin vigorously, pat it dry with a towel. Rubbing the skin vigorously can cause irritation and make you itch. Also, ensure that certain body parts are completely dry.

Apply moisturizer:

Immediately after bathing, apply moisturizer on the skin within two to three minutes. If you have dry skin, you may or may not shower, but moisturize yourself at least twice a day.

What soap can you use?

Some experts say that soap can strip oil from your skin. In such cases, it is advisable to use a cleanser-labeled product such as a moisturizing body wash to properly cleanse the skin.