Banks Remain Open On Sunday: Bank employees will not get leave even on Saturday and Sunday, RBI orders..


The last week of the financial year 2023-24 has passed. The new financial year- 2024-25 is starting. But the country's bank employees do not have any leave. There is a lot of work in banks in the last month of the year. Books of account have to be closed. And a new beginning has to be made for the new financial year, in such a situation the bank employees remain engaged in it till the last moment. Now coincidentally this time the last two days of the financial year have fallen on Saturday-Sunday. Since it was the fifth Saturday of the month, the banks were to be open (bank holiday), this Sunday would be a holiday, but due to it being the last day of FY, this time banks across the country will open on Sunday also.


RBI had issued an order
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI latest notification) issued a notification on March 20, in which there was an order for the banks across the country that despite March 31, 2024, being a Sunday, all the banks will remain open (banks remain open on 31st march) and Banks will also have to publicize this. Despite it being the last day of the financial year 2023-24, the decision to open the banks was taken so that the government does not face any problems in accounting for all its transactions.

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RBI said, "The Government of India has requested to keep all the bank branches related to government receipts and payments open for transactions on March 31, 2024, so that the receipts and payments in the financial year 2023." All payment-related transactions can be accounted for."

RBI has asked all the agency banks to keep all their branches related to government business open on 31st March i.e. Sunday and also to publicize that their branches will remain open on 31st March.


How many bank holidays will there be in April? (Bank Holidays in April, 2024)
According to the list of holidays of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks will remain closed for 14 days in April (Bank Holiday in April 2024). Due to bank account closing, there will be a bank holiday on 1st April, the beginning of the month. Apart from this, due to Eid, there is a holiday on 10th April in many places and 11th April in many states. In April, there will be many more days along with the festivals of Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, and Ram Navami, on which there will be holidays in different states. You can check the list of holidays in April by clicking here.

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