Banke Bihari temple's darshan time has changed, know when the doors will open before the visit


Banke Bihari Temple in Mathura Vrindavan has people's faith associated with it and this temple is the biggest center of faith. It is possible that now the time of darshan in Banke Bihari temple has changed and if you are going to Mathura then you should first know the new time of Banke Bihari temple.


Given the heat, the doors of the Banke Bihari temple will open at 7.45 in the morning and after that, at 7.55 there will be Shringar Aarti of Banke Bihari after that Raj Bhog will be offered to Banke Bihari at 11 in the afternoon and after half an hour i.e. at 11.30 again Thakur ji will be seen. Will be able to do and at 11.55 there will be Rajbhog Aarti and the doors of Banke Bihari will also be closed.


If you want to have darshan in the evening then you will have to go to Banke Bihari temple at 5.30 pm, after opening the door, you will be able to have darshan of Thakur ji, at about 8.30 pm Bihari will be offered Shayan Bhog and then after that devotees will be able to have darshan at 9.05, then at 9.25 But Banke Bihari Shayan Aarti will be performed, after that, the door will be closed. Given summer, the timings of Banke Bihari Temple have been changed and this change is going to be implemented till Bhai Dooj comes after Diwali. After Diwali and Bhai Dooj, the timings of visiting Banke Bihari Temple will change again.