Bank of Baroda Update: Bank of Baroda's new FD scheme is special, and will bring huge earnings in short term..


If you are a customer of Bank of Baroda then there is good news for you. Public sector Bank of Baroda has launched a special short-term fixed deposit plan. By investing in this you can get better returns in less time. Under this FD plan, the bank is offering you interest up to 7.60 percent. Here we are going to tell you the special things related to this fixed deposit scheme (Bank of Baroda FD) of Bank of Baroda. So let's know...

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This special FD scheme has been named BoB 360. According to the information, this is one of the highest interest-giving FD schemes of the Bank of Baroda to date. As the name itself suggests, you will have to invest in it for a tenure of 360 days i.e. 1 year.

You can start investing with Rs 1000
According to the information given on the bank's website, under the BoB 360 FD plan, you can start investing with Rs 1000. Whereas the maximum investment can be less than Rs 2 crore. In this, you are also given the facility of nomination. Along with this, the auto-renewal option is also available.
Interest will be available at the rate of 7.10- 7.60 percent
Under this FD plan, the bank is giving interest at the rate of 7.10 percent for the common man and 7.60 percent for the elderly.


FD can be opened online or with the help of a mobile app.
Existing and new customers of the bank can open this deposit scheme named 'BOB360' in any branch online or with the help of a mobile app. You can get more information related to this scheme by visiting the official website of Bank of Baroda,

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