Bad Dreams: Do you also have bad dreams again and again, then try these remedies!


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According to astrology, Rahu is called the master of dreams. Such dreams come when Rahu is with the Moon. Some people have good dreams and some people have bad dreams.

According to astrology, dreams indicate the future. But sometimes nightmares are unrelated. Such dreams create fear of what will happen tomorrow. There is also an astrological solution to this.


PC: Marathi. Hindustan times

If you are troubled by bad dreams again and again, first of all, wipe the floor of the house with salt water. Mopping the floor with salt water before going to bed will help.

Tie fennel without garlic in a white cloth and keep it under the bed at night and sleep. Sleeping under a pillow like this will prevent nightmares.


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Place garlic cloves under your pillow before sleeping. So you won't have nightmares. It not only protects you from nightmares but also relieves sleep problems.

You can apply coconut water to your forehead before sleeping. It stops you from dreaming. Apart from this, applying coconut oil on the head helps in getting good sleep.